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Исполнитель: Eminem
Песня: Old Times Sake
Добавил: Гость

Eminem – Old Times Sake 0

Good evening... This is your fucking captain speaking
We will soon be reaching an altitude of 4 million and a half feet
That's 8 million miles in the sky
Please undo your seatbelt for takeoff
You are now free to smoke up out the cabinet

[Dr. Dre]
I'm Dre from back in the day from
NWA from black and the grey from
Chokin' a bitch to smackin' her face from
Stackin' up bodies to rackin' the K's up?
From rackin' up hits to stackin' the crates up
I'm still hungry and I'm back with a tapeworm
And what was happenin' in rap entertainment
Me and Shady, far as competition faggot there ain't none

Speak of the devil, it's attack of the Rainman
Chainsaw in hand, blood stain on my apron
Soon as the blade spun, vrum they run away from
Who wanna play dungeon, no one is safe from
In search of a brain surgeon, a great one
Wait it ain't funny man, it's urgent i need one
Two boxes of detergent and a paint gun
And an emergency squirt gun to spray-a one

So one more time for old time's sake
Dre drop that beat and scratch that break
And just blow a little bit of that smoke my way
And let's go (You're now smokin' with the best, best)

So one more time for old time's sake
Dre drop that beat and scratch that break
And just send a little bit of that smoke my way
And let's go (You're now smokin' with the best, best)

Smoke signal in the sky like verizon wireless
A nice environment, suprise entirely
hypnotized by the sound I surround the hydrant
Takin' lives of firemen, say goodbye here I am again
Naked wives and vicodin
Before I begin to get to so high pussyboy I could spin
Vin vin Fuck the handle, I fly off the hinge
Let the boy off the bench coach, and throw it to him
There he goes in his trenchcoat, no clothes again
Baby make us some french toast and show us some skin
I show you every inch grows in my foreskin
Show me nipple, I pinch both and throw up a ten
Now you know it's a sin to tease, blow us again
The sorceror of intercourse, if it's forced it's him
Don't fight the feelin' if you're feeling the force within
When you wake up in the mornin' next to the porcelain


[Dr. Dre]
Now when there's smoke there's fire
When there's fire there's flames
When there's flames there's Chronic
Either you high or you ain't
I got no time for no games

Naah uh he ain't playin'
He's gon' get the AK and aim it right at your bra-ain
I'm slightly insa-ane, back on Creatine
Hypnotic and red bull, it's an incredible energy drink
And It's givin' me wings, I believe I can fly
While I pee on a girl, you won't catch me CSI
It's as easy as pie, and as simple as cake
Dre get on the mic and make 'em tremble and shake

[Dr. Dre]
Now put your smoke up in the air, raise your Henny and Coke
And if you really wanna get fucked up, just let me know
We can smoke 'til there's no more lighter fluid to do it
Let's get in to it, your smokin' with the triedest and truest
I got the midas touch, when it comes to rollin' shit up
You mother fuckers ain't smokin' you just holdin' shit up
Now here we go let's get up, get down, hold up a blunt
I smoke the kind of stuff that makes the records go number one
Cause if at first you don't succeed, won't hurt to smoke some weed
Now them words are just a little more personal for me
Seein' as how, I blew up off from puffin' them trees

We're smokin' up for me, fuck yeah light it up cheech
Cmon smoke me out cuz, gimme contact buzz
Get me on track, they love me when I'm on that stuff
But this is earth callin', Shady man cmon back WHAT
Man we're losin
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