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Исполнитель: Eminem
Песня: Session One (feat. Slaughterhouse) (Bonus track)
Добавил: Гость

Eminem – Session One (feat. Slaughterhouse) (Bonus track) 0

Ladies and gentlemen make some noise
aww shit
y'all ready to get this shit started or what
well I brought some friends with me too

Verse 1 Eminem:
Now I ain't back just for the sake of just saying I'm back
I could relax but I'd rather stack ammo on tracks
couple Xanax light a couple wax candles then black out
and relapse til I yack Jack Daniels and yap, burp bubbles
attitudes immaturing, double shot of bacardi party
vision is blurring, waa hooo I can't see shit
my words get to slurring
uh oh, you can call me R Kelly now or your in trouble
whats incurring before after enduring the show
has no baring on the bad news I'm baring
whoa what is it word play
no I'm pushing you out the dumps
so suck my dick on the couch if you wanna cushion the blow
then stomp your fucking feet till you get to squishing a hoe
its panda-monium stand when you see him, damn
baby you look good you're giving me wood
you should pull over like a sweat shirt with a hood
you and me both
break bread while I'm copping over this game
now pinch a loaf now homie who's your favourite pain in the ass
who claims to be spitting the same flames as me
I'm Kanye when he crashed
in otherwords I got the hood on smash
like I stepped on the gas destroyed the front end
deployed the damn airbags from the dash
went through 'em and laughed
came back an hour after the accident and bit
a God damn jaw breaker in half
so stop ??? the funk and start shaking ya ass
Slaughterhouse in the house with the caucasion rapping
Just Blaze on the track
what the fuck is more amazing than that slut
answer me that, Royce where you at

Verse 2 - Royce Da 5'9:
I'm right here fire Marshall, verbal pair of pliers
are prying you apart ???, lump on your head designed by a bar stool
Designed by a cartoon, before I need to be hired
Jimmy 'Io fire Marshall
The 9 tucked against the lining
I pull it out and flip your partner upside down like ya'll are a couple 69ing
It's like Rick James is shooting up your house, *****....fuck your couch *****
You screaming 'fuck the world' with your middle finger up
While I'm over here shoving my dick in a hole in the mud
My bitch, know I'm perfectly fit for murder
Because I murdered her, so you can call me Nickel the OJ the Glove
I got a Posse of Insane Clowns, blow your brains on your opposite ear
Then ask you how your brain sounds
Bad, evil, weirdo, Alfred ???, mad cerebral, you on your last burrito
What that mean Nickel
It's a rap if you eating, get a beat then terrorize that bitch like I'm Middle Eastern
Slaughterhouse on fire, nobody touching that
Good day and good night, Ortiz where the fuck you at

Verse 3 Joel Ortiz:
I'm right here; my Nike Airs buzz light years ahead of my mic peers
Quite scary to look at, a nightmare, where my book at I'll write fear
In the heart of you tight squares, I harbour the art of you nice ???
It's ??? cuz that made me hotter than my dear
Uncle Al's breath after polishing off his 9th beer
Homie chill listen, I swear, I'm God, I give tracks a holy feel
And they bite ears
I'm right here, why wouldn't I be, just waiting to be hooked to IV's
??? brown when you look at my pee
And this joint, no exception, so just point a direction, and record the pig's oink
When I rip his intestines
This isn't just an infection; this won't go away with penicillin injections
Millions of questions arose after they did an inspection
What I exhibit, seems to be non-contagious yet anybody can get it
aww shit I did it again, when I lit with this pen, I admitted this phlegm
This time along side Em and the Em
So tell a friend to tell a friend, write a disgusting hook
Jump in shark water and swim, yo where the fuck is Crook

Verse 4 - Crooked I:
I'm right here
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