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Исполнитель: Eminem
Песня: So Bad [By id11008345]
Добавил: Гость

Eminem – So Bad [By id11008345] 0

Yeah, you feel that baby?
Yeah I feel it too
Damn, you know, I'm so glad we could spend this time together
See, I'm not as crazy as you thought I was, am I?

[Verse 1]
I'm the american dream, I'm the definiton of white trash ballin',
I'm right back on 'em, with a (chicka chicka chicka)
I can't call it, same shit different toilet
Oh you got a nice ass darling
Can't wait to get you into my benz, take you for a spin
Whatchu mean we aint fuckin', you take me for a friend
Lemme tell you the whole story, of shady's origin
You'll be sorry if you slam my mercedes door again
Now, it all started with my father
I must've got my pimpin genes from him, the way he left my momma
I'm a rolling stone, just like him, word of johnny drama
Keep my entourage with me, baby I'm making a promise
There aint nobody as bomb as me, I'm calm as the breeze,
I'm the bee's knee's, his legs, and his arms
Ima superstar girl, I'm ready for your momma
Why you think the only thing I got on is my pajamas?

So bad, I'm so good (man I'm so bad)
I guarantee I'll be the greatest thing you ever had
Cause you aint never met nobody like me
And you aint gonna wanna fuck nobody else again

[Verse 2]
I wont quit until a shot of [unknown],
First I'll kiss your navel, work my way down,
Baby you can lay down on the table,
But you may wanna find something more stable,
I told you aint foolin from the gate, this aint the first day of april
But thank you for staying, april
Imma make you learn to appreciate me, differenciate me,
From these phony, little fishy and sissy fake g's,
Skip over the huggy bear, and all the kissy face please
Initiate phase 3, missy now service me,
Take another shot of jager, shake it so nervously,
Take your time baby, oh you're the bomb baby,
Oh you're doing that even better than your mom, lady
I told you why I'm shady, you didn't listen now did you
Relax woman, you know that I'm only kiddin with you
Got a twisted sense of humor, it's warped, but I didn't hit ya
I think you're finally starting to get the picture, I'm just

So bad, I'm so good (man I'm so bad)
I guarantee I'll be the greatest thing you ever had
Cause you aint never met nobody like me
And you aint gonna wanna fuck nobody else again

I'm dynamite, dynamite, dynamite
I'm dynamite, dynamite, dynamite
I can hold you in the morning, but in the evening I gotta go
Cause I'm on to the next girl, and the next girl I kinda like oh oh oh

[Verse 3]
I got you caught up in the raps yeah
Make you recap the feelings you had for your last boyfriend, before he slapped ya
You never wanted someone so bad, ya
Sweatin, but if I'm what you wanted why'd you panic when I grabbed ya
Girl don't be so frantic I'm just a hopeless romantic,
Don't try to fight the feeling of somethin that's so organic,
You can't ignore it, so don't just stand before it,
Just drop them panties to the floor, let's get to camcordin',
Damn shawty I told you this was bound to happen,
Lyrics from killer hip hop dot com,
Soon as you wrote your number on the napkin, I was bound to work a number on your back
And throw your spine out of alignment,
My love has got you so blind that you couldnt pick Amy Winehouse out of a lineup
So stop with the store pick up line ups,
Lets get the pineapple going,
No one will knock as long as I hang a sign up sayin don't disturb,
Shawty I'm so superb, I say the right things, don't I speak the dopest words?

So bad, I'm so good (man I'm so bad)
I guarantee I'll be the greatest thing you ever had
Cause you aint never met nobody like me
And you aint gonna wanna fuck nobody else again
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