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Исполнитель: Eminem
Песня: Echo (feat. Royce Da 5'9)
Добавил: Гость

Eminem – Echo (feat. Royce Da 5'9) 0

Oh, all around the World,
theres an echo
as he takes a bow
And they all know all the girls, the boys
they chase the noise
through the highs and through the lows
they will follow the echo, echo, echo, echo
they will follow the echo, echo, echo, echo

Classical palms
battle my own demons
I need a glass of Patron
bad as I need a horn
stabbing my clavicle bone
Im at it or prone
first time I seen a dessert eagle
I was letting the 44 buss
the 44 pop
first time you seen one, you was eating coco puffs
looking at Robocop
I’m not a man, I’m a logo, I’m sustain
in order to clean my things you need saline
Im never refering to the solution
I’m talking about more like the mustang
get respect from the get-go, hello
set to the echo, pyscho
pen got a mind of its own, gotta write my rhymes with a timer otherwise
I’ll probably vibe out to a nine minute song
as the echo follows the Maserati
as the petrol swallows,
Im a thousand bodies away from a skeleton
check your bible inside it, it will say this guys an elephant
I’m fly like I’m, killing the scene like I’m a villain with wings
I’ll sleep when I’m 6 feet deep,
right now I’m living a dream
though we may be reckless
the ladies check us
they whisper Shady records
baby echo


I can hear them calling, calling, calling, calling, calling
I eat rappers with the rhyme, consume ‘em
the only f-cking thing that you consume is time
Im super human, my world is like a Rubiks cube
its too complex girl, you assuming, cupids looming
my mentality’s caveman stupid woman
my life is Truman show, all I have is music hoe
I stopped chasing every chick under the sun many moons ago
so pretend my dick is a balloon and blow
cause you better put a fork in it if you think I’mma lay here just spooning yo
oh you think you the shit ’cause I just said you was beautiful
diabolical, till the last molecule, down to my last hair folicle and cuticle
rhyming to the call, to the (?) all the way down to my sock and the hair on my toe
learn how to sew, so shut my own booty hole
cause I aint took no sh-t since I looked down to my nuts and saw my first pubic grow
I told these stupid hoes when I come back I’mma set this bitch on fire
and this time I mean Imma pour gasoline on some chick and light her
cause this time muthaf-ckers I’m put my whole God-damn dick inside her
I aint even put my tip in that hoe yet
Ima go get TIP and try to rip it wider

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